Posted on 06.11.2018

RENNtech | RPS 10.2 forged Wheelset

The RENNtech brand has featured several highly successful wheel designs throughout its 28+ years in the aftermarket industry. The Performance Series is the culmination of this extensive knowledge, an evolution of its predecessors. After countless hours of design development, we can confidently say that the RPS is a wheel that visually expresses RENNtech exclusivity.

Set of 2 Front and 2 Rear Wheels, Industry leading FEA technology utilized wheel design,
Weight optimization and developed specifically for Mercedes-Benz cars,
Performance Series and vehicle application specifications engraved into rear lip of each wheel,
Backpad pocketing weight reduction -Lathe Groove Process weight reduction,
Optional 1-piece or 3-piece CNC machined RENNtech center cap designs, RENNtech”, "Vossen" and “Forged” machined in adjacent spoke windows,
Engineered to utilize OEM lug bolts for most applications,
Titanium lug bolts are an optional upgrade for this wheel,
Size and Offset optimized for Mercedes-AMG models

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